Guild Wars - Can't Start 4th Battle

I am the 2nd person in my Guild to have this issue. We have both won the first 3 battles, but the 4th one won’t start. You can click on it and it “pops” out like it should, but there is no picture in the box (just the ?) and it won’t start.

I am on a Galaxy S8
Android version 7.0 “nougat”

I have tried both on WiFi and not. I have also restarted my phone.

Looks like there are about 5 or 6 members in my guild so far that are having this problem. I can only confirm 3, but I’m assuming the others as they are normally finished with all 5 early in the day.

Guild is Isles of the Blessed

From the look of your time stamp, you were having problem during the time when server was acting strange.
Many people on the forum have reported unable to to log in.
So I guess it’s just a technical problem. Maybe you can just submit a ticket for it.

As @Sidousai said, the best option would be to send a ticket if this is still occuring. Console is supported by 505Games, and you can submit a ticket to them here: You can also report issues to IP2 here: