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Guild Wars and sisters guilds

I think you might be getting confused with Guild War Tiers/brackets and Guild Tiers/brackets. In Guild Wars, tiers/brackets have nothing to do with trophies.


Thank you for clarifying how rewards work at the top levels.

As someone who has never and will most likely never see those tiers of rewards I’ve been very confused about the massive amount of rage people have been spewing on this thread.

Now that I understand that better I have a question on how the brackets restructure. If everyone has the same score and they are in bracket 1 do they all get listed as 1st place and so never get rotated out?

Because even if everyone has the same score and the bracket doesn’t put everyone in first, the top tier would constantly shift around by pulling up rank 1 guilds from lower tiers. So the theoretical collusion that started this would have to happen in every single guild all the way down and the top 10 would never stay the top 10. On top of that every guild would have to like, or at least tolerate, all the potential guilds they would face of against to keep the collusion agreement going.

Unless the brackets are decided by purely points to which I will say this; Guild Wars is completely broken and designed so that in a few months there will only be a certain set of guilds at the top just like PvP and this entire thread is moot.

Also @ogunther I understand that this should be directed to @Sththunder, but you answered me so I apologize for word puking on you.

Lol first, that made me laugh and no apologies necessary. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if I’m the best one to answer your other questions but I’ll try and hopefully if I get something wrong, someone else will correct me:

The scores for Guild Wars are capped at a max of 6,300 for each player in a war each day.So, in theory, the max score a guild can get is:

  • 6,300 x 6(days) x 30(players) = 1,134,000 points in a week.

The way this score is earned for each player is from a 4x color bonus for starting the match with 4 troops of the daily color and a 4 troop survival bonus for each match (each batch, of the 5 per day, is worth more than the last). I don’t have the math for this part but I know others do.

However, how exactly guilds are promoted/demoted in the Guild Wars Tiers/Brackets is a bit of a mystery as the devs don’t want to reveal that exact formula to players. All we know is that the weekly score is only part of the formula. We suspect things like a guilds total trophy count and possibly Guild Wars scores from other weeks are also part of the formula but nothing is for certain.

Also, going back to player score for a moment, the color bonus is actual comprised of two factors:

  • The number of troops of that color that a player starts with
  • The level of the Guild Statue for that color (this bonus caps out at 50% for statues from level 100 on up)

As such, if two different guilds both fought perfects wars in a week but had different level statues, they would end up with completely different scores (and the higher level guild would have the higher score).

Hopefully that all makes sense and I didn’t make things more confusing than they already were lol.

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Alliance seems fine to me. It’s pushing GW to another step.

We can imagine treason (ie one guild didn’t change their defense and just take advantage that the other guild low his defense), spies or whatever.
And that’s why it’s interesting: devs gave us GW and we can go further by adding Guild Diplomacy where you have to deal relationship between guilds. And it could show where devs have to go. What some players want to. Because I’m sorry but GW are just 30 “PVP” battles so nothing new in terms of gameplay…

So yeah, some players decide that GW should be like sports. Why this analogy? It’s not Guild Sports that we have, it’s Guild Wars. It seems you have a point of view and then find a good analogy that fits it and uses it as a proof. GW is like X, in X context, alliance = cheating so in GW context, alliance = cheating.

About sister guilds:
Guild Wars today force us to put the worst defense to stop the invaders to make more points (it’s maybe true only in the first brackets). Not funny team. Not challenging team. But trolling team composed generally of some unbalanced troops (cough cough Famine).

Do you really think that sister guilds want to force their friends to fight against another Deathknight/Famine/Death/Famine? You’re talking about competition but if there is no competition between two guilds, I don’t see why one player will have to put an horrible-to-fight defense team…

About the 10-guilds alliance:
It is a extreme case. We can just assume what happens if these 10 guilds have the same points. Another parameter could be taken into account. Or the rewards can be split (ie 150 gems for the 10 guilds better than 1,500). There is way for devs to counter that.

But I can understand that devs are afraid of this situation and that could be the reason why they didn’t give a clear “okay” to alliance.


That all made sense. It also proves the theoretical collusion posit to be an impossible scenario, if the multiple factors in braket layout is correct.

The top tier guilds would never be able to hold the top tier even working together. It would only give the top tier guilds the best possible chance to remain.

Just to add to the math side of things, the exact formula for battle points is:

All we know about the bracket movement is this: (emphasis is mine)

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No it’s incorrect it’s 4*10% not 3 ;-).


… I swear I fixed that typo. Thanks for catching it!


Wait I know I’ve been gone awhile, but there’s a limit on memes now?


Summarising the official statement for now

Just out of curiosity -
i know this will be just a small portion of players or even small portion of forum users but im still curious:
lets see what the tendency is, so we could actually discuss the main subject here :wink:

  • I would like GW alliances and setting easy teams in the GW to help another guild - to be ALLOWED and legal
  • I don’t mind if it is allowed or not
  • I would like setting easy teams in the GW to help another guild - to be FORBIDDEN, illegal and punishable - i want it official right now - even if there is no method that would clearly make it impossible or not-beneficial (maybe make it impossible or not-beneficial in the future)
  • I would like setting easy teams in the GW to help another guild - to be made IMPOSSIBLE to do, or to make it not-beneficial to the “helping” guild by adding some kind of automated negative consequences to the process (like including gw defense wins/losses to the gw points score) - i can wait until its implemented
  • I don’t want to state my opinion
  • I am not sure yet (in this case please just wait to vote later)

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Thank you @Annaerith for calling a vote regarding the actual issue


I have been thinking of doing this very thing… but couldn’t figure out the best way to address all the possible voices…

Well Done @Annaerith :clap: :clap: :clap:


Very nice job creating the options in your poll.

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Yes I want to see this cheating be made illegal. If a few guilds are working together to get maximum points why bother even playing when there is no way for me to even have a chance at getting better rewards.

If the devs ever do say that this cheating is allowed I’ll probably just quit playing.


You can either:

  • join a guild who has an alliance,
  • convince your GM to create an alliance,
  • live with the fact that your guild will not be number one,
  • cry with some other players until devs will make it illegal (which seems impossible)
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I will not cheat. I just want a fair guild vs guild competition where the guilds that put in the effort of coming up with teams and winning their battles gets rewarded.


Here is the thing about an Alliance that I think people are forgetting…

Does it make it easier for (provide an advantage to) those two teams by giving them, potentially, a free maxed out GW point day?

Does it prevent other teams from maxing out their points too?

Just because two Guilds assist each other, does not mean that every other guild can’t still have perfect runs as well and in the end a non-Allianced team could still prevail. After all, the team that was part of the Alliance would still have to face 5 other Guilds with whom no such Alliance exists, in this example.

EDIT: Altered first question for clarity per @beanie42 post below. :point_down:

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This is a bit of a red herring, since your carefully selected questions do not include the important “Does a team with an alliance have an advantage over a team without an alliance?”. Those with an alliance are getting those max points for “free” while others would need to work for them. Also, while other teams could tie you, nobody can beat you. There is basically no risk to you. If you like/want alliances that’s fine, but trying to make it sound like there isn’t really an advantage is disingenuous. To use an analogy (switching to cards since sports seems to be annoying some while failing miserably), if we play euchre and you start with 5 points, I can still win but I am objectively at a disadvantage. You can debate whether that is fair, reasonable, allowable, but you can’t say it’s not really an advantage.


I hear you @beanie42 and perhaps my wording was not as direct as you would prefer, but my first statement was not intended to be disingenuous. By making it easier it is clearly advantageous.

That’s why people seek alliances after all. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, I’ll preface this by talking about Bracket 1…

You aren’t going to have any non-allied team in Bracket 1 making a perfect run against another team. Let’s just keep this realistic. Defenses at that level are filled with meta instakill/devour defenses. (Not to mention, a legit perfect run requires far more skill and work than faked perfect runs.)

So, allied teams at that level will gain a significant point advantage over others in that bracket. There is no getting around that.