Guild Wars 27/30 next Update - Maths?

With the next update we will get a 27 out of 30 score rule for Guild Wars.
Altough our Guild (PS4, Bracket 1) is always complete, i think i appreciate it.

Do we already know, how it is calculate? @Kafka @Saltypatra @GoldPhoenix0 @Sirrian
Couldn’t find this up to now, possibilies:

  1. As a guild Leader do i have to determine 27 (or 3) players at the beginning of each week?
  2. Are the three (if you have 30 players) worst overall scores be canceled after the last GW Day?
  3. Are the three (if you have 30 players) worst scores each day be canceled?
  4. …?

I hope :crossed_fingers:
That the system will automatically sort 30 scores and count only the 27 highest come weekly reset.
Because of that, I expect the guild wars rewards to take a bit longer to send out than what we are used to.
I also hope it’s intuitive enough not to be fooled by players switching guilds right before reset and that their scores somehow count towards their new guilds total, nor have their old guild lose that score.
I expect a lot of bugs to be associated with the change. So I would love to be surprised and have it be implemented with zero issues. :crossed_fingers:


Also, if there are meta/grief defences which can be applied to more than one day, how do devs get around the fact that guilds could potentially choose three members to set these defences (hence missing out on the daily 2000 point unique bonus, qualifying them for the lowest 3 scores) but could essentially cause more stoppages for the opposition. Maybe that’s all part of the fun… :thinking:


I’m not sure it’s possible to account for every possible player behavior. But what you’re describing works best if the two Champions and the Paragon do it. This means a constant cycling of the top two ranks, since Herald and below get a 10,000 point advantage over the top three players. It also means a pretty ridiculous amount of coordination. Which is the idea behind Guild Wars. I think I’ve convinced myself that this is a good thing.


Which is one of the many reasons I was/am against this change.