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Guild War teams including heroes

Lots of old posts suggest teams without the hero. Anyone want to share teams that include the hero?

Here’s some ideas using my own cards and traitstones. Advice is welcome.


Mang / King Mikhail (explode row) / Sylvanimora (explode col) / Keeper of Souls (x to skulls)
Slow, but Mang+KoS is impressive once they get going.
None of the three have traits, but if I use this team tomorrow, I’ll fully trait Sylvanimora for entangle.

Gorgotha (explode) / Emperor Khorvash / Kerberos / Prismatic Orb (+8 gems)
Haven’t tried this since Gorgotha isn’t traited yet. Can do it with one orb though. The other troops would remain untraited.


(Weaver is Mythic)
Captain Skullbeard (explode) / Ara. Weaver (web) / Desert Troll (double ylw) / Prismatic Orb (+8 gems)
Even with no traits at all, this works pretty well.


Dwarven Gate (barrier,mana) / Dwarven Gate / Tesla (true damage) / Prismatic Orb (+8 gems)
Seems to work ok.
No traits needed on Tesla, Gate is cheap to fully trait.

Sticking the hero at the end with the orb kinda feels like a failure.

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nice teams there

I personally wouldn’t have Tesla as your sole attacker; any opposing hero with the Anti-Magic Sphere trait currently can indefinitely tank the true damage without ever dying, due to how the split damage works with the trait.

Good point. I’ll have to test it against a bard and maybe replace the weapon.

Use Dawnbringer and then your enemies will see the light!

Improved that Mang+KoS team. Explode a row/column doesn’t make much mana.

BROWN: Mang / Gorgotha (explode) / Emperor Khorvash (mana drain) / Keeper of Souls (x to skulls)

No traits on troops. Dragonguard hero is traited for the holy armor.

Runeforger and Assassin hero needs poison on purple gem match talent

I like it, others may not. :rofl:

Abhorath, Abynissia, Acolyte and Alastiar make a great purple team together