Guild War Teams For Early-Midgame Players?

I’ve flown through hero levels fairly quickly but my troops are somewhat lacking (though I have pulled some decent legendaries). What are some decent teams I can put together for each colour to be useful for my guild?

Thanks in advance.

This thread has a lot of suggestions dating from two years ago. You can probably find some interesting ideas and understand some concepts, when shared/explained, by the users.

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This year-old video of @Tacet’s probably still has a lot of good concepts too:

It really depends on what legendaries and epics you own, otherwise its making teams from a needle in a haystack

I did watch that video earlier looking through Youtube but Tacet doesn’t give multiple possible team compositions and as I’m missing a few of the troops he suggests the video doesn’t help me a great deal but I am trying to work around it and fill the gaps if I can.

The legendaries I own are

Widow Queen
King Bloodhammer
Queen Titania
Divine Ishbaala
Krystenax (Mythic & fully traited)
Crimson Bat