Guild war questions?

Now I’ve been playing GW since they introduced it and to be honest if anything drives me from the game it looks like it’s going to be it. Now I’m not meaning to pull it down or anything as it’s still in it’s infancy but what I can’t understand is why they reintroduced it when it’s still seems heavily broken. Now I’m not of particularly high level (376 I think) but since they reintroduced it this week, I’m getting team wiped literally every time I take the field. Not only that I don’t know why but if I lose a match I have to play the same team again.

So today for instance, my 8k power red team had to face a 9.7k justice team, not once but twice in a row. By the end of it they had over 300 health and 250 attack on every troop and it was only about there 5th turn. How the heck is this suppose to be fun or challenging. I couldn’t even get one troop charged up.

Next game was another humility team at 9.8k, 2nd turn in and he’s completely team wiped my 4 members. Yep 2 turns and he has killed every person on my team who were all full health. (IE: two turns in and he’s done 300-350 damage!

Yesterday the same thing occurred, completely wiped out time and time again and had to repeatedly fight the same opponent with over 9.5k.

Simply put there’s simply no enjoyment in this mode anymore. If you win it’s a doddle, and if you lose it’s basically team wipe. When it originally came out it was fun, yes you’d fight the same boring and I mean boring teams time and time again but at least you had the satisfaction of a hard fought win if you carried the day. Now it’s over one way or another within an insanely quick time. I’d like a challenge not a 30 seconds hit. I’m extremely happy to play 10 minutes on a tough match.

So my questions?

  1. How has it changed so much from being an enjoyable concept which I enjoyed to be basically making me want to uninstall the game?
  2. How am I supposed to defeat these top end teams when they have no weaknesses? In random I can at least make troop choices but here I’m at an utter disadvantage.
  3. Where have my loops gone? The opponents get it every time, this week I haven’t had it once.
  4. Why do I constantly get the same player who smashes my team to attack again and again and again…
  5. Why are my opponents all over 9k defence and how are they chosen because at our clans ranking of around 200 surely the opponents have a similar defensive ranking as me?
  6. how is a defence team with 3 fully traited mythics (IE: famine, death, limited ones) and another fully traited ascended to mythic level deemed to only be worth 5k? and the amount of health etc meant he had pretty much every kingdom doubled up. I’ve seen this team ranked at over 9k before and this was the strongest version I’ve ever seen.

TBH, I have no problem with random’s etc but seeing your team basically wiped of the face of the planet pretty much has me turning of the game after my five matches instead of playing for another hour in randoms. As I said it’s become either to easy or simply unbeatable. Surely it’s not what the developers wanted.

I want my fun back.

What is guild wars?

Your enemy difficulty is not related to your own level or team power.
The enemy depends on your guild position in the gw ranking of guilds , in which bracket you are put. If it’s a high bracket then enemy guilds will be though. Also some very strong player can always join a weak guild in low bracket and then you can still meet them there,

If you want enjoyable gw experience you should join guild that is in bracket suitable for you, most probably some lower bracket then your current

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I’m a ‘high’ player in a mediocre random guild. I’m level 570 and the lowest is level 50 and the rest pretty nicely between with no drastic jumps in-between.
When I check GW then I see the other higher levels (400+) play actively, more or less successful while the lower the level the less activity and if then more losses. I know this must be frustrating.
The ones between 200 and 300 have really mixed battle results, like two losses a day is normal. The ones above 400 have max. 1 loss, if any at all.

In the guild chat they smaller players say that they can’t handle the opponent teams. Even the first is already too strong.
Many of the lowies don’t play GW at all anymore, or they test and let it be. That’s sad. It should be fun for everyone, even low level players that are in a guild with higher levels. Which would be the standard picture in random guilds.

I play on pc and when I pvp then I see that the opponent teams gets a def buff (I already see that on my own team when I test it and fight myself - my team in defense has higher stats), that system could be used in GW to adjust an opponent team for lowies and debuff/weaken the opponent team. If the other guild has no fitting player/guild def team set, that is.

I wouldn’t mind if the GW menu gets its own def site in that the player can set three defense teams. Slot 1 could have a cap of 2000 battle power and max 1 trait per troop, slot 2 of 4000 and max 2 traits p.t. and slot 3 no limit and the system does the match making.