Guild War - PvP - Card Imbalances - Cheating AI. Maybe the time to quit

Gems of War was a nice game till the contrast between players was inexistant.

The max contrast you could see, were people competing for the top position of the week.
And it was just a contrast of “activity”. You would try to play more than others, without
even touching them.

Now the Guild War has added a new aspect to the game. There is a direct confrontation
between players, and a loss will be a loss, you will be paying for it personally and permanently (at least for the week), and with the Normal PvP who would care for a loss, u could just keep playing and forget it.

Now instead a lost battle is something to think about it. THink about counter decks,
try different banners, do the AD HOC deck vs single players.

I lost 3 hours yesterday on Guild War, lost another 3 hrs of my life today.

Card Imbalances are exacerbated now, and will heavily weight themselves
over the community.

DEVS: you could keep imbalanced cards till you had not direct confrontations with players, but now, the new system u created, won’t allow it anymore.

You need to work the whole set of cards, and try to not balance it with your feets.
Because now every your frivolousness and overwhelming lightness in balancing cards,
will have a direct and harmful input vs your own players.

On top of that, the AI couldn’t keep up with players, so u made it able to CHEAT against your own
players, altering dramatically the % of landing Skills/traits, and the % of generating
mana she would need.

The new ****Storm abilities are showing to the gow community that you already had it implemented hiddenly to make the AI unfairly stronger to overcome the gap with Humans.

Now, if i play i game, i like to be competitive. I tried my best in the last months,
made new personal records, worked on decks, ideas.
But now, i can’t stand it anymore.

Guild War is probably a good feature, a too good feature that i won’t avoid to play,
as it will be the center of Guild activity.

IT TAKES TOO MUCH TIME. Gems of War used to be a casual game.
Now it evolved to something it isn’t ready yet to be.

Personally, i will wait a couple of weeks. But i can’t stand playing so much everyday,
so this will inevitably lead me to say goodbye to GoW for good.

Forgive for me -Venting Out-, but i did really need it, as in time i grew fond of this game.

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Mmm youve spent 3 hours of your life playing a game you enjoy? Poor you.

Btw this is the second day of the first week. Will you need 3 hours next week too? Because i think teams you crafted now are there to stay o.o

And whats up with the title? Cheating AI?? I don’t know why i read all your post after that title. . Probably wanted to see your ludicrous idea of how the AI is cheating.


I played those 3 hrs AND didn’t enjoy them.

the problem is not the 3 hours. the problem is NOT enjoying them.

i like doing decks, maybe once a week.

NOT several times in a single day.

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I was really struggling to figure out how someone can devote 3 hours to 5 matches. I guess looking at team comps, testing different things in Ranked PvP, etc. could mean it would technically take many more hours than that. But, to your point @DonBoba , isn’t that a good thing? Isn’t it pretty darn awesome that the game is challenging you to come up with new teams and really think about your comps rather than just using the Flavor of the Month faceroll OP meta team over and over and over again? (And, yeah, you shouldn’t need to spend so much time coming up with teams every week… unless you want to!)

Also, there are existing threads where people are expressing their concerns so this seems very redundant… (and inflammatory with the cheating AI nonsense. The devs have addressed this definitely, more than once. RNG does not equal Cheating.)


I thought this was going to be a console thread, I looked at the category and was like that’s odd its in PC :wink:


@Delinquent tried to watch the latest threads, but i think they derail from the main focus i wanted to point out.

@DonBoba you can believe whatever you want, but there have been in time so many hints of the AI Cheating that only someone with ham over their eyes couldn’t spot it.
You are free to delude yourself.

Wish i had some ham. Me and couple of my guild members who have won all matches without a troop lost must be cheating the cheatin AI. Otherwise we would have to lose to it. But we outcheated it! Take that cheating AI!
Now wheres my ham?!


You don’t think, “I don’t like the GW point system (or anything else about GW tbh)” is an appropriate place for your concerns?

@DonBoba You don’t sound smart by saying that. Cheating AI doesn’t mean 100% winrate by the AI, and you know it. But you are trying to ridicule my opinion by associating it with even more ridiculous things. Would u care to make a more rational conversation or want just to Troll?

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I never impled I’m smart. I am implying that what you are saying is stupid :smiley:


BTW, apart some trolls, the whole thread is focused on other points than just the AI.

-Increased required time for GW.

-Card Imbalances

-PvP aspect that didn’t exist before.

There, i fixed it for you. No need to thank me.

Yet you are spending massive time in GoW boards, in this very thread…

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That’s because he completed todays fight and noe has free time!


i Wish there were some moderators.


For 600 plus levels I’ve been listening to people say this game cheats, and the devs rebuttal with how it’s an illusion and we just pay attention to the runs of losses, (RNG and all) and although I don’t doubt that is mostly correct, IMHO “AI cheat” is not the correct term for what I really see it do. What I see is, when the algorithm​ leans to benefit us, we look at it as our own strategy’s​ and it’s our skills accomplishment. At the same time when it doesn’t lean our way, it feels like bad luck or it “cheats”. Now, what I’m saying that there’s something wrong with each extreme side of the programming when the AI has to balance out a good run with a bad run and vice versa, which I believe it does. If the programming didn’t allow for such ridiculous highs, it wouldn’t have to compensate with such ridiculous lows and vice versa. I think if you close the gap between the high and the low it wouldn’t feel like cheating. I myself would trade the Miracle win against three guys with one hit point left, for the ridiculous defeat by one guy with one hit point left beating my three guys. Just my 2 cents.


For those who wanted to see more of his dance moves…


So they would bring the ham you mentioned?

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No, so they maybe take some actions vs the Trolls.
I wonder how certain people don’t get banned from the forum.

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You may disagree with the post, but you don’t need to continually put him down with your comments.

In my opinion, you’ve just taken this a little too far @DonBoba