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Guild War proposal

Hello, developers!
I’ve been playing GoW for over a year. The most interesting event in our game - Guild War. To be honest, I regret that it is held only once every four weeks. After all, the Guild war - it’s always passion, non-standard solution, fighting shoulder to shoulder with his comrades. It would be great to make the Guild war even more interesting and dynamic! Our problem is that there are a lot of “dead” guilds in the brackets far from the top. They either don’t play or they are played by a couple of low level players. Now our Guild plays in 94 Bracket. See for yourself, it is active Guild. We’ve 30 players with 100% participation, most of which are 1000+ level. Andthere is just a dead bracket, which is clear we will win in one goal. But we would like to play with real guilds. This is much more interesting than wasting time on dead guilds. Moreover, the growth rate of brackets is very low - last month we were in 107 Brackets, before that in 124 and so on. To interesting events, we are still very long.
I offer you this solution. The Guild must confirm their participation in the GW. It is little to someone catatonic recorded his dead Guild on GW. This Guild must on the eve of GW show that she is alive and ready to fight.

  1. It is necessary to divide all guilds who signed up for GW, in 2 categories: live and just signed up. The first category of bracket is formed from the living guilds, then the second from the other guilds.
  2. It is necessary to introduce the concept of ‘active guildplayer’ (AGP). AGP is the player who, by the end of the week preceding GW, took 500 Guild seals from the Guild Treasury. This means​ that​ the player did not just enter the game once, but actually played GoW. Guilds need to have at least 10 AGP to participate in the Guild war in the first category. If the Guild has signed up for GW, and it does not have 10 AGP, then it goes into the second category, that is, sent to the brackets that begin to form after the brackets formed from living guilds. All other rules for the formation of the brackets remains the same
  3. Applications for participation in GW from guilds with 3 and less AGP, generally will be void.
    Let’s make our favorite game even better.
    Sincerely, Zubs.
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I, and I assume others, can’t take this idea seriously until you replace the word “basket” with “bracket”.


Ok. It’s done

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I like basket lol. You are right Zubs as have been many others who have posted threads on this debacle, all to no avail. Dead brackets are common, inactive ‘players’ have increased significantly due to ALT account spammers pursuing fake honour and the problem just gets worse. Setting up guilds needs to be far more expensive than it currently is. The last thing this game needs is more non participating guilds. 10 million for example might discourage noobs from setting up ‘clutter guilds’ that have very little prospect of surviving long term. People who register guilds with only 2 or 3 players is just wrong, so your proposal for 10 AGPs has merit. Sadly, nothing is likely to be done to accelerate your progress. In truth, the easiest way would be to increase wars frequency to speed things up for you and get rid of those who don’t play with a realistic guild membership. I hope something gets done but I can’t say I am optimistic. You will probably just have to grind it out and hope that your players stay while you do. If not, you may find your numbers dwindling as impatient players leave and join guilds in higher baskets.


The easiest way to stop this is to restrict creation of new Guilds to players over Level 500 (or some other such number).

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Agreed and also maybe increase the cost to +1 million gold or so :money_with_wings:

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I haven’t thought much about it but how about not letting people create guild till they reach that 1k lvl and make a rule that disband any guild that fail to participate in GW or pull them off the GW till they register again by playing GW battle on Tuesday (as a requirement) for them to be added to the lowest brackets that exist or just make one for them lol

Sounds fair enough…level 500 and 10 million gold. A minimum membership of 10 or more players as a requirement for registration is an idea too but that may cause problems.

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The first problem is not new guilds, but only old ‘dead’ guilds. There’s one to several halfactive players, one of which register the guild for GW. We should eliminate these guilds, not fight the creation of new ones.

The problem is both old “dead” Guilds and new ones, because, more often than not, the new ones die off through lack of members very quickly.

It’s way too easy to create a new Guild, this might have been fine when they game was new and there weren’t many Guilds around, but now they just clutter things up.

Cut down the number of “dead or nearly dead” ones by informing the membership that they will be dissolved if they don’t get more active and improve the in-game recruitment system so people can find appropriate level Guilds more easily.

That will concentrate players into active Guilds and improve matters all round.

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Yeah I guess we’re just stuck with it though.

Dead guilds have been a problem with Guild Wars since before I started playing. I’ve seen dozens of ideas for how to deal with it, all of them good. The devs have been “looking into it” for 3 years.

I think that means it’s “by design” and they just don’t want to do it. This should sound really familiar. Maybe there’s some kind of GW redesign in the pipe, I guess we’ll find out someday.

The problem exists since the GW exist and to be honest I don’t think there is a solution for it.
Ok it’s no fun to encounter several “dead” guilds in the GW but is that the fault of the dev’s? I don’t think so. They have created a nice and fun game and as far as I’m concerned it’s pretty good. Yes it has his tweaks and yes it could be improved but show me one game that can’t. And yes sometimes there are bugs, but again show me one game that hasn’t :thinking:
My experience is that the “dead” guilds are mainly in the lower ranked brackets. I can remember when our guild was ranked somewhere in the 1000+ we encountered at least 4 guilds, sometimes even more, who weren’t playing on a regular base or not at all. Since we climbed up and are now somewhere in the 400’s we encounter less and less “dead” guilds.
So if you don’t want to encounter “dead” guilds just hang in there and try to climb up through the ranks… You’ll see that there will be a day you wished you encountered a “dead” guild instead of one of the TBH family :wink:

This guy’s right. I mean, my house was built on a strong foundation when it was built. Over time, the swampland moved in and reclaimed it, and now the whole house is slowly sinking. I might have to wear boots to get to the fridge, but do you see me complaining? Heck no. Show me one house that doesn’t have a flaw! Just because one time Mom came in and there was an alligator in the den, everybody’s all uppity about how I have to fix it.

My experience with the “dead” guilds is they’re made up. I’ve never seen one in Bracket 3 and our short stint in Bracket 2. We did all the work to climb up here, it’d be a shame if a change happened to the game and made it easier for new people to compete with us. I’m only interested in the challenge of competition. That’s why I want to do my best to make sure I only face the same people over and over for years. I know who I can beat and who is a cheater. It’d be unfair to make me face some rando I’ve never seen before just because he won a lot of matches. That sounds like a cheater, if you ask me.

So if you don’t want to encounter “dead” guilds just hang in there. If you’re in the 400s you’ll make it past them some time before 2030. And if you’re below the 1000s, well, you might make it before you die. It’s only fair that the people like me who joined a bracket 3 guild and didn’t do any work don’t have to worry about if some uppity newbie tries to start another competitive guild. Or, take the shortcut. Talk someone in bracket 3 or up into leaving their guild so you can take their spot. Problem solved!

(I hope the reader will note this post is meant to be dripping with sarcasm and more rolled eyes than some kind of horror show casino where the dice are made out of eyes.)

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Is it still morning for you, Slyp? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (tbh, I kind of enjoyed it)

If you want to quickly move up the rating GW, then find and capture the dead Guild, which is in the ranking above you. Drag all your players into it, and then rename the “new” Guild to “old”. This recipe is from “top guilds” =)
And don’t worry about sanctions from the developers. They know these schematics. But, apparently, fair play is only declared here on the forum. )

That’s called assimilation, it is fair and work nicely.

There’s rumors about us too being assimilated by the Collective soon.

Resistance is futile.

Nah it’s one of my least favorite discussions in GoW, it’s the same as some real-life arguments. The only reason to be against removing dead guilds is a variant of the “screw you, got mine” argument. Older gamers benefit from this situation because it means their guilds don’t have to work as hard because there’s barely any competition from below.

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