Guild war position

Last war our guild was 18th and we should stay on 11-20 block. Now we are in 3rd block (21-30). Why??

If no guild there is deleted or not taking part in the next GW, the rules in Bracket 2 are:

  • 18 & 19 go down to 3
  • 20 goes down to 4

Thank you for your reply
Sorry, but this is new. Since when is that so?

Was “always” so - Bracket 2 and 1 are special, plus the first in bracket 3, because the only way to bracket 1 goes over 2.
In the lower brackets (no too low :wink: ) you are right. Only the first goes 2 up, the second 1 up and vice versa for the both last ones.

Thank you! :+1:t2: