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Guild War 100% Mana troops!

Full Mana Troops are broken on Guild War.
It just can’t be that you lose just because people in defense have 3 full Mana troops with them.
I have so often lost what frustrated me and lost the desire for Guild War.
Just do magic and you lose. you can hardly achieve anything.

My idea is to ban these troops from Guild War


You can use them too.

Also you can use classes like Frost Mage, Queen Mab, Glaycion and many others to inflict Frozen on enemy troops to stop them looping.

Then there’s troops like Emperor Khorvah, Psion or Spirit Fox which will drain their mana.

Sure, occasionaly, you’re going to get looped to death no matter what you do if the RNG goes against you, but the odds are definitely ever in your favour :upside_down_face:


It is about the principle that the troops are too powerful that only you have control despite the freezing

I would also suggest taking your time and practicing against each defence you encounter. Or maybe it’s to hard to take time when you shareplay for half the guild?

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Practice < RNG

Practice wont help to reduce RNG. RNG will happen no matter what…

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But you can always put yourself in the best position possible with your choice of troops/class/medals and talents. Practicing and tinkering with different variations of all of the above mentioned factors is recommended for much higher chances of success. Getting rid of 100% mana troops from guild wars would be the lazy way out.

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No, like I said, RNG will strikes no matter what you do. Empowered troops or not. I have been in this game for 5 years, and one dont have to be an Einstein to know how the teams works. Its all pretty simple…

The problem is you can defense/control 2-3 full Mana troops.

So if the game is so " simple" then what is the problem? Yes rng can be bad, its the players responsibility to protect themselves the best way they can against the specific rng outcomes that can happen in each specific battle. Sometimes the training wheels have to come off and you have to stop blaming rng.


The usual excuse of bad GW players.
Say that to players who are consistently good in high GW brackets.


A day or two ago, I did all my Blue Guild Wars battles with

Forest Troll
King Gobtruffle

There was a fourth troop, but I never cast it in any of the battles, most of the times I just looped the opposition into oblivion with them barely getting a turn (if at all).

However I know that, sometimes, I can be on the receiving end of the same thing if a Goblin Team or a Q’Lin/ Divine Ishballa team gets up and running and the RNG is on their side.

Sh!t happens sometime, it’s just part of the game, the only thing you can do is plan your teams in a way to give you the best hope of maximising your chances.


You have to use your brain in Guild Wars. In bracket 1 DEF hardly ever get more than 1 or 2 wins and if you make it even easier then DEF would get zero wins. People make DEF to beat you. Take some time before each battle and make a team that can beat it. If you are not able to do that ask a guild mate for help. I’m sure they want to win as well and would be glad to assist you

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Then I have to stop playing Guild War in the future.
I am only confronted with it and you have 0 chances to do something about it.
Or I’m just too bad for Guild War.


Most of times you have the counter available, you just have to slot it in your original deck or build totally new one. There is only few empowered builds on certain days that you can’t counter with right coloured troops. Then you just have to sacrifice some points and use off colour troops. Remember, a win is always a win even with off colour troops and worth more points than losing with right coloured troops.

Guild Wars is all about adjusting. Find the counters, and use them to your advantage. Yes, sometimes RNG takes you down but RNG is not to blame for your losses majority of times. Good luck!


There is a counter for everything, the problem I see is that an attacker is limited by color, the defender is not.

How is that balanced?

You can use whatever you want on attack too. You will lose a few points in the one battle yes but better than a loss. If you know there is zero chance of winning then put in something where you lose 100 points instead of 1500.

You gotta know when to hold em, when to fold em

I lost in GW once; Three wars ago. I’ve lost more than once actually, just saying, I’m on a bit of a hot streak, Paragon 4 straight times, undefeated 3 straight GW (unless I lose on Red Day. Yeah, that’ll happen. Probably now that I’m boasting about it).

Results may vary, but I share teams in Guild Chat. (Channel 1 Raiders. Is there another Guild Chat channel). Others do as well. We have one handsome young devil (no relation):

Lvl 364, started playing the game in April “Only gained 364 levels in April, he sux”. We’re a casual guild slugging it out in b5 GW. There are still plenty of empowered teams. 8k points/day is good enough for guvment work.

Meanwhile, a Lvl 1k is 1/19 with 5,900 points after 4 days. Read chat once in a while bruh, and learn to play the game. If your guild doesn’t chat, join one that does. We don’t finish events, but we at least pass on GW knowledge. I think the 1k has to be a spy, but whatever. As long as he contributes in other ways.

Some folks want to do away with Queen B and Mr. Truffles. Others want to do away with empowereds. Still others say the ai is too easy. We can agree to disagree; as long as there are Guilds, there will be Guild Wars. And the Raiders will be there to fight them.

Any other things you want to tell me?

Its balanced because a player should, and I emphasize the word “should” be smarter than an ai. You can bait the ai into making moves that will benefit yourself.


Sadly these threads @Sheffield ALWAYS get to throw on you that you dont understand the game or is a weak/bad player. The best tips I can give you is to not act on it, dont let they get what they want from you, a reaction.

And @Fern please be kind to the people around you. You have everything to win on it.