Guild Tasks - get gold back?

So what would happen if I put in say…50,000 gold to a task and it does not get completed by the end of the time before it resets? Do I just loose the gold I put in or does it roll over to the next one? I think it would S*ck if I were to just loose any of the gold I contributed to a certain task and it was not completed in time.


remaining gold of tasks will be splitted equally to all members at the monday’s reset :wink:

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Well that kinda S*cks, I mean I donated to the tasks NOT to the other members of the guild some of whom may not have helped at all in the tasks. :rage:

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It’s true, this may not seem a problem to higher guilds, but I can see how it’s a problem for smaller ones where members may not (ever) know each other so there could always be a problem with this sometimes unintentional and unvoluntary exploit.
Could a “return to sender” policy run as rule for all gols contributions to resolve the problem, maybe?

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I don’t think this is an easy “return to sender” situation. Imagine two players, A and B, contributing gold to their guild. They are working on guild legendary tasks to keep things simple, though these could be regular tasks as well. Each legendary task n1, n2, n3… costs 1 million gold, and the guild is currently at 100k/1m gold (10%) to task n2. Players A and B both contribute 900k gold at roughly the same moment. The game credits player A with finishing task n2, and player B with contributing 900k to task n3. The guild fails to complete task n3 for some reason before reset.

Is it fair to give 100% of the outstanding balance to player B? Everyone’s contributions are equally valuable, and if the timing had been slightly different, B would have completed n2 and A would instead get the refund.

Equally split refunds aren’t perfect because leechers benefit — but then again, leechers also benefit from completed tasks. You should think of money spent on tasks as going to the communal good, and thereafter the onus is on your guildmaster to establish policy on leeching all up.


Guild masters can make a requirement that any “overflow” gold be contributed back into tasks the following week, even if no other gold contributions are required.

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It literately hurt me brain trying to read and understand the math equation you stated.

I never did well in math and never finished calculus…Just saying.

Much simpler answer…Just saying.

Not that I begrudge you your disinclination toward mathematics, but: what equation? I’m not sure how I could have explained that any more simply. :woman_shrugging: