"Guild Task - No Reward" - iOS

I received 2 messages today with the same statement that I wasn’t receiving an award because I had already collected it in another Guild. However, I’ve been with Druids Haven for months. The previous similar topics are months old.

I’m not sure what the problem is or what to do.


Hey! I’m sorry you had this issue!

I checked your account and it seems the rewards were sent out successfully but somehow Mike and Maurice completed Blue Tasks 7 and 8 after you already had so some Gold was double spent on your accounts.

I’ve decided to fix this by sending you the 175,000 Gold which was taken by the issue.

We put in safe guards to prevent this from happening when more than one player tries to complete the same task (this usually happens at reset when everyone is online and trying to donate at the same time). However, we’ll keep looking into this as it’s obviously still happening.

Sorry about that!