Guild seals question

Hi there, I just started playing gems of war last week on mobile and it’s great fun!

I am just wondering about the guild seals - do I have to collect them each week otherwise the seals disappear? Does the week reset each Sunday night? I’m looking at my guild tally atm and I’ve earnt 500 seals this week and the guild total is only 1200…is this normal or should I find a more active guild?

Thanks in advance!

This site has all the answers you need as well as other useful info

You should find a more active guild, either from global chat or recruitment threads. An active guild should earn at least 20k seals per week

And welcome to gow!

Redeem your seals each week but you don’t have to spend them they accumulate.
You need to be in a guild with at least 20 active members. Don’t pick a random guild, many are dead. Jump into global chat or check recruiting posts on these forums.
As a newbie a good guild will not ask you to contribute any gold until kingdoms are levelled.
Welcome to GoW and have fun!

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