Guild Recruitment: Wyvern Wing

My wife and I have a guild that we’ve created quite some time ago called Wyvern Wing on the Xbox One.

Since we have created it, we’ve had one additional person join. We are both daily players (my wife very occasionally playing for 3-hour sprints of time) and have 3 of our 26 spots in the guild filled.

We are looking for other daily players who can help our guild be great!

Hi would you guys like to join our guild instead? We have 3 players & are finding it really tough to find more players due to us not being in the top 100. We are ranked 1999 as it stands, fun friendly guild & our requirements are pretty basic, we understand it’s just a gem game so if you can’t match them week in week out that’s fine.

50-100K gold
100 trophies

We are hoping to grow to be a big guild someday!

We are currently Ranked #1353, but we’re fighting daily in the Guild Wars. If you are interested, please send me a message on Xbox Live at my gamertag: AndroidOdnetnin

Also, message me your recruit ID so that I can send you a guild invite. Hope to see you there?

As of July 18, 2017 at 7:27a CDT, we have:

  • Roster of 16 out of 30
  • League Ranking of 983
  • 7,813 Trophies

Beginners are welcome. We are just looking for active players. :smiley: