Guild of two looking for members or a home

SandGnatz (if you’ve ever lived on the south Georgia coast, you’ll get the name) is an awesomely elitely epically uber (do we still use that term since the car people took it?) guild. Consisting of myself and my girlfriend.

We both play pretty much every day, complete daily tasks almost daily, max out our weekly souls every week, and are tired of capping out so low that she can’t get any legendary or mythic cards (I have much better luck using chests than she does).

We aren’t looking for drama, people who are going to get pissed if we don’t play for a week because we’re doing rl stuff, or drama. Also, we don’t like drama.

We don’t have minimum requirements for joining us. We’d like it if you play enough to max your souls each week. If you want to contribute gold to guild tasks, that’s awesome too, but we typically buy the stuff we want every week on the first day anyway, so it’s up to you.

Conversely, if you’re a guild looking for 2 players with less than 6 weeks in the game (I’m level 210 or so and she’s around 190) who play consistently, contribute at their own pace, but whose pace seems to fit most requirements for the moderately hardcore guilds out there, and are drama-averse, let us know and maybe I’ll give up my guild tag and see how it goes.

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We could always use two more like you and we are pretty low maintenance. If you can get your 1500 and throw some gold in that would be fantastic

What’s your contact info? How many in your guild and do you hit 40k most weeks?
I prefer to keep my guild and a primarily looking for new members. But we are willing to join the right Guild with the right attitude as long as the payoff makes it worth it. You understand?

Still a newer guild, right now we get past 10k but we are trying to grow towards that point. If interested contact my gamertag on xbox which is A 5Mg Loratodd

goog luck !!!

Disregard my message, wrong platform.
That’s what happens when you are experiencing recruiting burnout :grin:


As someone living in the south Georgia coastal area, Savannah, to be exact, I fully understand the namesake you have given your guild and miss our old baseball team, the Savannah Sand Gnats. I am answering your post that you left in our guild recruitment thread. I will look to see if we may be able to find room for you, we are full right now but I will check our roster to see if anyone is looking like they may be guildless shortly. We currently hit the 40k seals and have almost completed five of the statues this week. We have a couple of newer members that I have instructed to finish their cities before donating any gold. It 5am right now, so I’m going to bed but will check the roster as soon as I get up and get back with you. We are a dramaless guild also and actually enjoy talking amongst ourselves, we have an Xbox conversation that contains almost all members of the guild, for when game chat tanks.

Bump. Still looking.