Guild Monthly Ladder System

Hi everyone. A recurring problem with the current guild ladder system is that it is not representative of recent guild activity, and often times legacy guilds (i.e. guilds that have been around a long time) are ranked high but may not be currently active. This means:

-People looking for guilds to join have no accurate measurement of the activity of a guild and whether they would be a good fit.
-There is not sufficient reward for those guilds that remain active.

I suggest creating a guild ladder system that resets at the end of the month with two main features:

  1. There would be monthly rewards to all guild members based on the guild’s placement
  2. There would be two leaderboards: a monthly leaderboard and an “all-time” leaderboard similar to what we have now, which tracks all trophies gained over a guild’s lifetime.

My guild is almost 2 years old, still not in top 50 guilds.