Guild message length

Hello Guys,

our old guildmessage has 106 letters. My guildleader would change a number and the game says now, it can have max 40 letters. wtf?

40 sighns are nothing.


did not know about the 40 character thing yet that stinks. Also try typing it all in on a controller i wish we have a web base app to type console guild chat boxes

Yeah - I’ve run into the same issue but with ‘special characters’ on PC. I have to wait to log in on mobile and I can pretty much type whatever I want there, and it can be viewed on PC, just not saved if it’s too long or has special characters in it.

It would also be nice if the announcement was visible at all times at the top of chat rather than just the first time you open chat. Makes it VERY easy for guildies to miss messages or not be able to refer back to them.

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thats one reason im not looking forward for unity update coming to mobile “fast”

i hope this, and few other things are solved before that happen…