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Guild merger/Gilden-Zusammenschluss

Hello everyone,

We, Global Gnomination, former Siedlerpartie (26/30, english/german) are a mixed guild from beginners to endgamers. Unfortunately it seems no longer possible to find active, chat-responding players who play all events without spending all day recruiting.
We are still in a good ranking position with league rank 231 and guild wars bracket 17, but half the guild is barely active. We have 10-15 active players who average 250 trophies/400k gold and 2-3 players 1000+trophies/1m+ gold.

Is there any guild out there in a similar position that would be interested in a merger? We can talk about different variations - us moving to a higher up (at least guildwar) guild, taking in around 15 active players or even giving up/rotating guild leadership.

PM me if you have any ideas (auch OK auf Deutsch).
(Only taking in the 2-3 top players is a last resort as we could probably fit in anywhere, currently we would like to find a solution where we do not abandon the other longtime players)


I’ve sent you a PM