Guild membership expansion

Guild management tool indicates increased in membership coming soon…

Where guilds were capped at 30 members, there now appears to be space allotted for additional members.

Anyone know when this is going to happen?

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It was an oversight of them to not cap each category at 30. They have no intention to expand the guild. There have been some requests to do so lately, so they may do it with the 2.1 guild update. The main issue with more members is that all tasks will need to be reworked. Something like a 50 member guild would end up gaining much more resources overall, but each individual player may get less on the rescale.

These numbers have recently changed. I believe they correctly added up to 30 last week.

The number of people per rank scale based on guild level. I am not somewhere where I can log into GoW to get the exact numbers, but the #1 guild has absurdly high numbers for each category.

We currently have space for “78” … of the second-highest rank. Triple digits for the lower ones.

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Yeah those numbers go up as your own guild level goes up. Has been that way since long time.

That’s… odd…