Guild members wanted for Thor's Mighty Hammer

We just started a new guild because we couldn’t find one that worked well for us. We are looking for like-minded players who are interested in strategic chat, competitive play, collaboration, and lots of fun. In past guilds we routinely get all seals every week, contribute 100-500k gold, and dominate guild events. We both spent several months in a top ten guild, but are now looking for less of a grind and more competitive fun. It’s an open invite to any who fit the bill.

We started the guild 1 week ago and are up to 13 players now, we’re looking to get up to 30 by the end of this week. With only 10 players for the majority of week one, we completed blue task and reached 10k seals. The goal for week 2 is to complete 3 tasks and reach 20k seals. Once we reach 30 players, we’ll look into maximizing the team efficiency. If this sounds good to you, come join us!

Lets bring down the house with Thor’s Mighty Hammer!

We are on Android, iPhone, PC.