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Guild Members looking for merge or a new home (Crit Happens)

Hello everyone…

My guild of over five years has fallen on hard times. We have been operating at about half seasoned players, half younger recruit capacity for years now, with a casual vibe, low requirements, and getting everyone to pitch in so that we could always finish basic guild tasks every week. We’ve recently lost some key members due to personal issues including the GL, and another who was helping with admin duties who briefly became GL. As such, the role of GL has fallen to me.

It is abundantly clear that I don’t have the time (nor honestly, the drive anymore) to perform this job to the level is necessary to bring us back to the level where we can just stay casual and low reqs, with old timers and newbies mingling and still even reach basic task completion. I don’t know if it is even possible to foster such a thing in the current game climate. But I’d still like to try. Unfortunately, just allowing newbies in and out by having the guild open has not attracted lasting regulars in a long, long time. So we need a more managed approach.

If anybody wants to jump in and try to get us back afloat, we are a laid back group with almost no requirements, 1500 seals on mythic week, 300k gold (less for growing members, our core group puts in much more… or they did). I’m exploring upping those a bit - 'd like to keep our casual environment around (no event reqs, reasonable gold req, say, 500k - note that I’ve never put in under a million per week in years, even barely playing, and few others at least will go that far) but get us back to at least finishing basic tasks and even able to foster newer players even if they aren’t going to stay. I’ve seen both sides of motivation cycles in other guilds and pulling out of this spiral can happen with just a couple enthusiastic members - it is usually contagious. But the same goes for demotivation, and losing our leaders and our third top earner has been devastating.

I’m also willing to explore other options. At the moment, we have only a handful of long term members that also are willing to actively contribute. Barring an huge infusion of new blood (which doesn’t seem likely) the next thing would be to merge with another struggling guild. We’d prefer to stay where we are, but outside of getting us back on track and doing my best to keep the “causal, but still get enough resources to be worth playing” vibe, I have little interest in keeping the Guild Leader position, and neither do any of the remaining members.

We’d prefer not to join a large guild “family” where more productive members get swapped out to higher earning guilds, as it sort of destroys the environment we are trying to foster if your “casual” guild becomes a dumping ground for afk accounts and low earners and the prize for performance is to leave that guild. As long as people are active and stick around, high earners motivate everyone and the average goes up, even if there are drastically uneven playtimes it doesn’t feel so much like “carrying”. It has worked for years in the past, and it can work again.

If you are otherwise serious about joining, merging, or otherwise have advice, feel free to post here or DM me. I can’t promise I’ll respond right away, but I will check back.


If you want, contact me on Discord MadKing#0962

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This has been difficult to even coordinate with different people not being on discord and in different time zones, but the handful of active members I have left seem to be willing to deal with event requirements, midrange seals requirements (~1k or so on normal weeks) and higher gold reqs (500k+, probably not over a million for most). I myself can pledge 1mil gold per week and nothing else as a requirement on a week to week basis. I am still trying to contact my two highest earners who can easily eclipse all of this with their normal play. I’ve got several more who make an effort week to week but are a bit more casual (at around 300k and <1k seals). If we can’t all stay together, I’d at least like to get them into groups where they can thrive.

Our last hope otherwise would be to implement flex requirements alongside a HUGE recruitment drive, which is going to have to at least start with an infusion of a few members from another struggling guild that has someone that can assist as recruiter for me. My current thoughts would be to institute a 1mil gold requirement if you do nothing else, 500k minimum plus 1k seals for anyone level 1000+ otherwise, 300k+ 1000 seals for lower leveled members, and high seals contributions for anybody that hasn’t completed level 10 kingdoms yet.

You can either post here or direct message me.

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How many active players do you have left?

I have a very similar guild to what you’re describing, ran by my alt (Celestial Peak). We’ve been around for 5 years, a mix of very active and more weekend players, with some newbies coming and going. We’ve been a little luckier than you, but I feel like we’re 2-3 players leaving at the same time away from your situation. Our ratio of core, longterm players to newer joiners is slowly getting smaller (15 members have been in the guild 1 year+, 10 members less than 2 months).

Maybe the only difference between our guilds is our requirements are higher - 500k, 40 world event battles and GW. With many of us playing more than that, it’s been enough to complete about 70% of world events (we struggle with events that don’t have increasing points) and all basic tasks, green epic task and some to spare.

I’ve given up on recruitment, so we have “invite only” off - the people who are actively looking for a guild are looking for one that does more than ours unfortunately. Most good recruits back out after my “no, we don’t complete all tasks”. The people who join through open recruitment usually don’t do enough to meet our requirements (I suspect most of them don’t even realize what our requirements are), they stay for a short time before they are removed. Kicks used to be rare for us, now it’s a couple every week. But we get the occasional active member and that has been enough to keep us going.

I don’t have much in the way of advice. It’s tough to make it as a solo guild - I think epic tasks have made it harder to get the “all done” feeling and the kind of recruits we’d all like are aiming higher. If you guys end up looking for other guilds, drop me a line :slight_smile: We have 4 openings after reset, soon to be filled with walk-ins, but will likely have more spots again in a week.


And herein lies the problem I suppose. Most of the new crop actively seeking guilds don’t realize the overall ratio of effort to reward and the burnout inducing nature of chasing Epic Tasks every week which in reality only a very small subsection of the playerbase will be able to handle long term, even if they actively seek it short term. Most of the people that will just settle and join a “random” guild aren’t attached enough to commit to any reqs, and either don’t know or don’t care about the importance of completing basic guild tasks. The way the game is structured aims to actively force people into one of these groups even though I truly believe a large percentage of the playerbase would be more comfortable with “no pressure” reqs and finishing regular tasks and some events. Your collection building power hinges as a newer player on being able to complete regular guild tasks, not epic tasks, which are a huge black hole in terms of what they give back in relative “progress” even compared to the time commitment you need to finish them.

I’ve talked to many people so far (and thank you all) and most have events currently somewhere in their requirement structure. The remainder in my (active) guild, save for 1 or 2, have stated they would “be ok” with some event reqs, and even some of the others I haven’t do some, but it is probably a non-starter for myself as a requirement (and as I’ve told others, if it came to that, I’d probably make sure my guild is taken care of then either retire completely or find another guild myself). Note that this is a very different thing that coming together for a push to get your guild past a milestone when you are close, something we have done multiple times in the past, without ever feeling obligated to do so, which has always served us very well back when we had just a few more active members… generally reaching stage 10, sometimes stage 12.

I’d love to keep going how we are, but someone is going to have to manage everything. I’m the last remaining member that was sort of “defacto leadership” when each of the rest of them quit for different personal reasons over the past several months, and thus was last in line to inherit this. After me, there is no one else that can do functional guild leader stuff, and I can’t do recruitment and cleanup alone week to week, especially not long term.

The other part is despite sitting at 26/30 for two weeks (after me kicking the bottom 4) without Invite Only checked and still completing all regular tasks with what we had, we had a grand total of ONE recruit join this way, and they haven’t done much sense. So that clearly isn’t going to work, either. When they do get in, they don’t check the requirements and don’t join discord, and I’m likely to get a message across because I’m pretty sure they don’t check guild chat either. It seems we don’t have enough active to draw people in, despite us finishing basic tasks on those weeks (mostly due to me using my bank to bridge the gap). Maybe because the visibly displayed reqs are too low, maybe because theres too many 0’s (but no ZZZs), but it just didn’t work out.

Anyways, we have about 5 pretty active players left (that I’ve been able to contact sporadically on Discord, but are at the 500-1mil+ donation level or higher), 5 more that are at least making an effort every week and I’d like to make sure are taken care of if possible, a few iffy ones, and 8-10 recruit levels low levels that don’t seem to care about requirements at all (most below 1 mil gold lifetime donations and very few seals) that and I haven’t kicked yet absent any better options. We’ve always been able to foster the newbies a few at a time, but without someone actively removing non-contributors we haven’t seen someone even care enough to join the discord in a while, thus no new active contributors or “core” in probably more than a year.

I’ve got a couple more offers to sort through and am still trying to get in contact with our last few active members. You are probably above what some of us are looking for due to the event stuff but I’ll keep you in mind if we have to split up completely.