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Guild members 30/30 really?

Guildname: Knights of Honour
League no 152
Currently we have 28 members, the guild overview shows 30/30.
When I click on our member Rody, it shows me the stats of Rupert, a ghost member since 192 days.
Since a few days we have a 2nd ghost member who fills another spot.
Can someone help us to correct this situation?

thx in advance


We have the same problem in United Questers. Guild shows 30/30, yet there are only 28 members. I guess I’ll just wait for the reset on monday to see if this solves the issue and otherwise contact support.

Monday reset will not repair the issue, so you’ll be wanting to Submit a Request to fix it.

Thanks for the link, I sent a request

Same problem with my guild, except on console and the console support requires you to register to submit a ticket…