Guild league ranks are inconsistent

A friend/guildmate noticed we went from Silver I to Gold I, skipping Gold III & Gold II.

Snooping around in the game files, I figured out why: Gold is the only deviation in the III => II => I progression:


<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_0]">Bronze III</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_1]">Bronze II</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_2]">Bronze I</Text>

<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_3]">Silver III</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_4]">Silver II</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_5]">Silver I</Text>

<!-- Whoops: -->
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_6]">Gold I</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_7]">Gold II</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_8]">Gold III</Text>

<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_9]">Platinum III</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_10]">Platinum II</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_11]">Platinum I</Text>

<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_12]">Diamond III</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_13]">Diamond II</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_14]">Diamond I</Text>

<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_15]">Challenger</Text>
<Text tag="[LEAGUE_RANK_16]">Champion</Text>

Well that’s just not right …

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Well spotted.

Just noticed the same thing myself. But Gold’s order is the same as the leagues after Challenger.

It seems like the devs don’t have any level of OCD =)

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Actually I think we missed this thread when it was originally posted.

I’ve gone and fixed it. Next time text goes out, it should update to match everything else.


Thanks for the fast reply!

Could you tell me what’s the order gonna be, from lowest to highest? Always starting at I for all ranks and going up as you get more trophies? I might as well change the wikia since I brought it up.

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We’ve changed Gold to match the other rankings so Gold III, Gold II, Gold I

I see. So ranks above Challenger remain unaltered? Copy that.