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Guild leaders no longer play, how to kick them?

just what the subject says. Our 2 guild leaders no longer play. I’m #3 and don’t have kick permission. How do we get rig of them so we can continue on?

If the guild leader hasn’t signed into the game within 30 days, you can contact support to remove them.

This is a quote from a dev on the topic.


I suspect they’re the same guy, and both have been absent 32 days.

You should be able to get game support to help you remove him then. :slight_smile:

This is surprising. I was in a similar situation when I first started and their response was to leave the guild and form a new one.

That’s odd. The 30-day policy has been in effect as long as I’ve been around.

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There is techincally 2 different Gems of War support teams. One is handled by Infinity Plus Two (Company that develops the game); and the other handled by 505 Games (Company that publishes the game).

This means that sometimes the 2 support teams may handle the same issue differently. If you contacted Infinity Plus Two support (gemsofwar.zendesk.com), they should help you.


Yeah, I did that after Ashasekayi replied, thanks.

If you do choose to leave, there are lots of guilds looking for active players at the moment. I understand wanting to stay together as a group, but some established guilds can also absorb groups of players. Let us know if you want to move on and are looking for an established guild!

It’s not just staying together as a group, it’s losing everything we’ve earned in the group!

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I understand that. Possibly another guild can have the same or better than what you have though

Hoop is right. It’s Monday reset, so whatever you earned last week is yours. If you’re worried about competitive standings that could be an issue, but if you’re just concerned about matching seals or task contributions there are plenty of Guilds out there than could offer you a home. Cheers and best of luck whatever you decide.

Thanks for all your help guys! Support came through and made me the guild leader, so I was able to kick a bunch of people that no longer play, and reward some others for hanging in there. Now i just need to advertise that we’re looking for new players! LOL