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Guild leader needs info

The guild I joined needed a leader and now I’m it and need help ?? Anyone out there have any tips??

Just throwing this out there…

I point it out because…
there’s plenty of Guilds out there already. The need for a brand new member to be a GM tells me that the guild probably doesn’t need to exist anymore.

But perhaps I’m misidentifying the situation based on the limited information provided in the OP.

However, if you’re excited and truly want to be a Guild Manager in Gems of War then I wish you the best of luck with the endeavor. But to me that’s different than because “they needed someone, so you did it, and now you need help knowing how to do it.”


I also recently became acting GM of our guild while the previous GM is out sick.

As I see it, my role is about 20% admin; 80% leading by example.


  • Decide what kind of guild you are! Do you want to set minimum level or contribution requirements? In our case we’re 100% casual with no requirements; this does lead to some churn as newbies join but then abandon the game, so…
  • Decide when to kick inactive members. This feels awful the first few times, but it gets easier; and is necessary as inactive members are dead weight. I’m fairly lenient; once a member is marked inactive in the roster I start demoting them down the ranks week-by-week and only when they’re been in the lowest rank for a week do I kick them.
  • Decide when to promote/demote members. For me this ties in with kicking; I promote members who are contributing well to the guild, demote only on inactivity.
  • Keep the chat banner message current and useful; I like to set it to current/upcoming event info, world event scoring rules etc.

Leading by example:

  • Mostly I see this as being informational and encouraging in chat. Congrats when members pull mythics; encourage them to play the events and collect their rewards; help out when they have questions. Thank members who are pulling their weight in events and contributions. Give out honors.
  • I give info on the week’s upcoming events – the event spoilers at taransworld are useful for this.
  • I also summarize rules, tactics etc for events; as a casual guild we get a lot of new players who aren’t necessarily familiar with how they work.
  • The World Event scoring is a good example of this: the scoring rules change week-by-week and aren’t published in-game, so I summarize the scoring rules from the event post here so members can get the best score from their fights.
  • Share event teams into chat and help out with suggestions if/when members share theirs.
  • Play all the events yourself! be visibly present.

Casual guilds have their own set of challenges in that casual players by definition aren’t necessarily particularly engaged. This is reflected in participation: many of them won’t play the events much, many of them won’t join the chat or will participate only minimally in it. I still struggle a bit with accepting this. Way I see it is that (as our original GM established) we’re a starter guild; some people will join but go inactive, some will bump along at partial engagement, some will grow and move on to more formal/competitive guilds, some will grow and stay as they like the atmosphere.

Good luck!


And I guess I’d add also that as GM of a 100% casual/no reqs guild I don’t worry about, or spend any time on, recruitment. Our recruitment pipeline is basically new players finding us in-game plus me eventually kicking those that have fallen away from the game and gone inactive.

Thanks I was basically doing it the way you described but since i never had anything to go on I needed a bit of reassurance . Thanks again,
River the fearless leader of “Hunters of Salvation”.