Guild Killer via Dev's Targeting High Level Players

Hmmmm Here’s a thought, Why Stay in a Top Guild when the DEV’s require higher level players to play 2x more for less Points & by extension Less Gold. I am one who is getting tired of the Grind to just have to make regs which are ok, but now it’ll take twice as long to gather the Gold. Why Care…


Sadly the answer to this is pretty simple: ego.

Pretty much every competitive player will agree: it’d be best for your GoW career if you leave the high-end guild and go to a lower-tier guild.

Pretty much every competitive player will agree: “I’ll go after everyone else, I promise.”

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Well, looking at resources only, maxed out guild guardians provide some really nice benefits, especially in regards to tributes.

Mm - tributes, and then rewards from Guild Tasks/LTs, essentially, I’d say.

Is there much of a difference in rewards between Guilds with statues at 100 and those with statues much higher? Afaik, the only thing that continues to increase is the bonus to Mana Masteries (please correct me if wrong and/or if there’s a cap to that).

The reason they changed the pvp like this was to be fair to the lower players it balances it out this way.

Upon starting this game I was most infinitely aware that as a new player I would need to play other game aspects until I leveled up & was able to compete with ANY of the Tier Levels. So All of us play harder & put the time in to do just that… then “Volla” The Makers hurt all the players who did take the time to do this by cutting our ability to advance by 1/2… Sorry but that is complete F N BS!