Guild keys level showing wrong level (Fixed)

After the update on PS4 my guild keys showed level 6 so I spent some keys.
Wasted them really because later I noticed on our guild area we were not at 40000 seals yet.
So the level shown is not really where my guild is at.

It then later went back to level 5. I logged off and back on to see if that fixed it but it shows level 6 again…


If it’s still like that, see if you can get some pictures! :slightly_smiling_face:

So, @barberakb went to spend his guild keys and the screen was displaying lvl 6. Yet the actual guild seals were only at lvl 5. He wasted keys as he thought guild chests were at 40k…
Compensation for a glitch on your end? please & thank you @Kafka

(Fixed in the 4.0 timeframe.)

(Double fixed in 4.3.)

What I mean is: what you expect is how it always behaved. Shortly after the UI update to the game that no one liked, the behavior you’re reporting happened. It was filed as a bug, confirmed, and fixed. Now it’s a bug again.

(You replied while I was clarifying, sorry, I’m sour at a lot of things right now.)

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This was after 4.3.

Ah, gotcha. So, still a bug. And @barberakb is out keys. Sounds like a normal day for GoW.

Thanks for adding the pics for me!

Still like that, friend added pics

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@OMFGorgeous @barberakb Afaik, the best way to make sure a request for compensation gets looked at (and sooner rather than later) is to submit a request here:

It should be noted that they’re still a bit swamped atm, iirc :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

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My Guild Shield also gets temporarily changed by this bug, the Emblem reverting to beige.

I’ve submitted a long list of issues through the help system, including comprehensive screenshots of this one.

For the record, I believe the bug is triggered when you collect Tribute. You can reset things to normal (correct) by opening the tabbed Guild screen.

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I also have the issue with guild keys inappropriately showing as level 6. Apparently, they continue to show at level 6 until you go to the guild menu where you can see the proper number of guild seals. After that, guild chests showed the appropriate level 5. Until you log in again…

Yea, it must be adding a lvl to the actual lvl because now we have 40k seals mine shows lvl 7…

It’s still a bug. Mine is switching between 6 or 7 at times. Just play a battle or two, then visit the Chests and you’ll see.

No response, nothing???

This issue was resolved last week, for fast information on game problems please check out the help center here! :slight_smile:

Well it wasn’t resolved for me. I wasted my guild keys thinking they were lvl 6.

But great job!!

Please contact support here so we can help you further.

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Thanks for resolving my issue

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