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Guild Key Bug help?

Hi, yesterday a friend of mien and me bought the 20$ Guild pack, I bought it first I got 4xKeys, then my friend bought it, but he didnt got the keys from me and someone earlier bought a 1xkey pack and he didnt got that ether, but when he bought his pack, he only got his 4xkeys but not mine. But i got his package.

can he somehow get a refund or something like that or maybe you find the bug and fix it

we’re in the same guild (of course)

his IGN: Nawak’osis
my IGN: Crash333
guild: Bob’s-place

Edit: here a screenshot: http://puu.sh/rcDes.jpg

I think that this is something for support, they now have a direct link located at the top of this page.

ya sure but I wanted to post it in the forum to see if someone else got this problem

I had a similar issue yesterday where I received guild keys from one guildmate’s purchase but not another guildmate. I sent in a support ticket last night.

Edit: Support ticket answered within 24 hours as usual. Thanks Vexx!