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Guild ideas for improvement

How about we write here some ideas on how we can improve guild factionality.
I’ll go first"
Increase the ranks from 5 to 7.The GM can appointed a “second in command co-GM”,so that if the GM is innactive for 15-20 days the co-GM will be auto-promoted,so the guild will not be headless.And no “sent the devs a ticket to be GM” etc.
Guild hopping:if one joins a guild,he must stay for a number of days.If he leaves too soon,he will be fined with gold.The sum will be equal to his level

Guild history with what guilds and time spent on profiles would be nice, not all but perhaps the last 10, this would make it easier to prevent recruiting guild hoppers

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What would a guild gain from someone taking up a slot without contributing anything any longer?

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I’m not sure that I like this one. What if someone joins and another member is a complete jerk to them? It wouldn’t be hardly fair to penalize them for leaving if this was the case.


yeah,bad idea I guess :laughing:

I was just about to reply with a similar note but also there are people who may join a number of guilds to find their fit.

I personally think some guild details would be nice to have displayed on the invite so people can see an overview before joining.

I don’t think the devs will ever be silly enough to force people to stay in a guild or penalize them for leaving a guild. There are many legitimate reasons for a person to leave a guild. So, I don’t believe they will or should add a guild history with time spent. GMs and co-GMs have their own back channels and become aware of serial guild hoppers pretty quickly anyway.

As for the increase ranks idea, I don’t think they need to add ranks. They really should allow the GM the ability to choose the perms they want to give each rank. That would be the most efficient solution imho.


When I was first starting the game out, it would have been nice to know what the guilds reqs were before joining.

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I do like your first idea but I’m not sure it’s original. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen that before already. But it’s a good idea.
Your second idea is not so good because what good is a non-active member? If he or she wants to leave after one or two days that is better than keeping him in the guild and doing nothing. It is better to have active members instead of “dead fish”

Like your first idea, but as a professional mercenary I have to give a resounding no to the second.

River song,on second thought,me too about second idea :laughing:

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Put Trophies in EVERY game mode except Explore, Challenges and Quests.
Guilds VS every new addition since 3.4 issue solved.



This post has some previous discussions about the changes people want for guilds.

Currently it may be irrelevant to talk about guild improvements since the guild update is probably already thought out and in development.

Out of curiosity…what does a GoW “professional mercenary” actually do?

Squish bugs???
Shop wood??