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[guild found]

EDIT: Guild found! Thanks for the reply guys!

Hey all! I’m currently looking for a guild that completes most tasks weekly and reaches 40k seals for mythic week. Below are my stats from my current guild over the course of 59 days ( 8 1/2 weeks). Averaging 800k gold a week, 2000 seals+ occasional orbs and about 1k trophies a week.

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Hello Lelcron. Here’s Angi from Hoguns Paladins, sounds like you would fit to our reqs. We communicate a lot (sharing teams, ideas, strategies, and just fun stuff). So please stop by and say hello.
please visit us at: https://discord.gg/rrXmpB6

We have one spot in Wasted Talent https://discord.gg/xmtdmzs


  • 800k gold.
  • 200 trophies during non-GW weeks (trophy reqs won’t be enforced during GW week).
  • Spend minimum event sigils on weekly events (no gem buys necessary). Does not apply to Guild Wars (GW is completely optional).
  • Event “buy out”: In lieu of weekly event participation, you may donate an additional 400k (1.2M total), and not participate in that week’s event. Does not apply to Guild Wars (GW is completely optional).