Guild Chests - Explanation Requested

Could someone please explain to me the guild chests and the cards that come out of them? My guild has unlocked a few of the cards but I don’t know where to find them or what to do with them. Thanks!

Your guild only unlock better potential reward from guild chests. You haven’t earned anything yet. To get the actual rewards, you need to earn guild seals, and use them to open guild chests.

How long should I wait until I bust open the chests using the guild keys? Is there a max chest-level or something I should hold off to?

There is a maximum chest level. If you go into Guild->Seals, you will see on the right hand side what levels of cards are available from the guild keys.

Guild chests have a 50% chance to drop the special common guild guardian troops.

The other troops are still random, but their rarity can be increased by the whole guild earning seals. At the top level 40,000 seals, the keys are similar to gem keys, in that they cannot drop regular commons or rares.


I guess I still don’t understand how it works. If I have a guild chest key and use it, gaining a common troop, how does that differ from when I spend seals to unlock a chest with more rarity?

Waiting for level 5 or 6 chests is preferable. We got 10k+ seals already so it doesn’t seem hard to reach 40k. Time will tell but so far it seems an achievable goal

You don’t spend seals to unlock higher guild chests. That is automatically done as more seals are earned by your members.

So stockpile the keys until they guild chest is up at the level I want. Thanks for all the explanations guys.

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I just opened 50 chests at the 20k level 39 of them where white lvl troops how is this possible?

Were they the Guardian cards? Those are Common (White) Cars that pop out of Guild Chests and it is supposed to be that way.

Like Krudler said, Guardian cards. They will drop regardless of the guild chest level, it’s just that any other cards you pull (normal pool) cannot be common at the 20k level (assuming memory serves correctly).

They’ll eventually stop dropping once you get all 6 Guardians to Mythic and get 4 copies of all of them.

Guild Chests are the only means of getting Guardians, and as several of them are very strong – disproportionately so, in some people’s view – this should be considered a feature, not a bug.

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There are no bugs, only features.

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Wow that’s not cool weather or not they are guardians or any card if it states green and up should be gen and up only if they want to give you something else then the key should show greater chance not the removal of white it’s kinda like false advertising. By showing the complete removal of the lower lever cards and you still getting them is like buying a bag of trail mix when you have a peanut allergy and it does not say anywhere on the bag there are nuts then you open it an almost 80% is in fact nuts. Not cool. I really love this game but I feel betrayed by their system.


There is no false advertising as you can see in the screenshot it clearly states chests give Guild Guardians.

If you go into your guild and look under the 20k it does not show white troops if they give you a guardian card it should still fit within the category that is false advertising. It should be at a higher lvl no longer white you should get a chance at already legendary or mythic what’s the point f working hard and getting stuff done if 39 of 50 items are at the lower lvl might as well do nothing and open lvl 1 chests

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Your guardian will be white until you ascend it to the next level. There’s absolutely nothing amiss here, seriously!
Get courage, honour and humility fully traited. They’re eeeevilllll!
Justice is too but maybe only double trait him.