Guild chests bugged? We hit 20k seals but still getting whites

The guild has 20k seals. I redeemed 4 chests and ended up with two whites.
Whats going on with it?
We’re supposed to be getting at minimum rares.

Does anyone know why this is broken?


To clarify, I received a white Justice, and something else i can’t remember

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It’s not broken. You can always get guardian troops from those chests regardless of the level and those are common.


Until you have 4 mythic copies of each guardian. Then they go


Guild Guardians

Each chest has a two-step process:

  1. You get a 50% chance at a Guild Guardian card, if you get one, the choice between the 6 is random;
  2. If you don’t get a Guardian, then you get a drop according to the rarity levels determined by how many seals your guild has earned.

If you have ascended all of the guardians to mythic and have 4 copies of each, then each chest skips straight to #2.

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Everyone beat me! Yes this is true. Until you get all the guardians to mythic and then have four copies of each, you will still receive them in your guild chests regardless of their level.