Guild chest lvl5 ... Comm cards?

In guild vaults level 5 I have left common letters

yes they are the guardians

exclusive of guild chests, no matter level, they always appears in a ratio of more less 50%

Until you get all at mythic and 4 copies of each one they still appears.

Guild guardians?

Justice, Honor and Loyalty amongst others are supposed to be in all guild chests regardless of the level of the chest until you have 4 copies of each at mythic level.

EDIT: Sniped by @ONOPALAVER:frowning: :wink:

the title says Guild chests

so I think are the guardians. :slightly_smiling_face:

Guild Wars troops are not being added until a later date.

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Glad I have collected 4 of each guardians and get to enjoy it for a little bit until the others are released.

Oops. Major error on my side. I meant Guild Guardians! :frowning:

I fixed the error above to avoid confusion.

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