Guild chest levels

Hi, is it possible to let guilds with lesser member numbers have the chance to achieve the higher guild chest levels. I know max seals limit per player are important but surely this could be made separate from chest level. I’m in a guild of 3 so no chance achieving the highest chest level unlike guilds over 10 members please can we have the same chance of those chests level by battling harder. Thanks

There’s no real purpose to keeping guild size small. Every current guild mechanic, from seals to events to GW, encourages recruiting up to the maximum amount. It’s highly unlikely that they’d introduce rewards specifically for smaller guilds as that would disincentivize growth.


A while back they nerfed the heck out of task rewards, effectively neutering small guilds. I don’t think there is any chance of getting them to scale chest requirements after that.

If there was a way a solo/small guilds could get level 6 chests, more than a few players would never speak to another human being in guild chat ever again. Gems of War succeeds when players play together with people they don’t already know. it keeps them competing and staying online to talk to each other. Encouraging solo play would harm the game.

Stock up on Orb of Clans.


Guilds are meant to be big, sadly. They’re not really social constructs because if you don’t have at least 25 members, you aren’t getting all rewards, and most people only want to be in groups of 3 or 4 for “social” purposes.

One of the biggest gripes in the game for competitive players right now is if you start a new guild, it will take more than a year to fight past all the tiny guilds and actually start getting to the competitive brackets. This makes it exceptionally hard to start new competitive guilds and is very bad for the game overall.

So the best thing you and your friends can do is find a casual guild with enough openings for all of you.

i can totally see and appreciate all you say. I know small guilds aren’t the way and membership hopefully increases over time. We are small at the minute and rank 2552 we have put the time and effort in to expand and rise.
What I will say is the invasions and raid like you say greater numbers greater rewards but smaller guilds aren’t restricted by numbers you can power on and have the chance to get as far through the rewards as your sigils will allow. I know when it comes to guild chests we will never have the highest levels fall at our feet; but it would be nice if we could have the chance to get as far as possible without the restriction. It may even help to get new members who can match us and boost us farther into the guilds.

As @Dorgath said above, hoarding major/minor clan orbs would solve your issue for a bit, as there is no limit for that. I already got 3,600 seals this week alone by using 1 majors + 2 minors + 1,500 weekly seals.

It won’t help much though, as clan orbs only come randomly from major/minor chaos orbs. Hoarding that with a few players would take very long. And the best way to get the most orbs as possible would be… being in full guild. So it’s back to the same problem again.

I have been in my current guild since there are only 3 players, all level 100. Over time, more people keep coming in because we’re active. Now I’m level 1,200 and we’re ranked in early 100s. So keep fighting and good luck to you and your guild!

I’m glad you’ve persevered got your snowball rolling now. Like you we don’t want to abandon ship after getting the guild this far its easy to jump ship but we would rather like you push on.
Orbs are a plaster but not a constant of them are attainable.
Thanks for the luck going to need it

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