Guild chat light

Why does the guild chat not light up when someone in your guild says something? Half of the people do not communicate. When you have mail or events blink. So why dosent chat.


This is an incredibly good suggestion!

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This is not necessary. In game mail is more important than guild chat, therefore there is no need for it. Maybe your guild is such dull one, no body has much to say? But at Elbenwald we are discussing many things. The chat light blink too often.

I think its an excellent suggestion! @Tache insults are unnecessary

Not all guilds chat, and new people dont know how, just because yours dont need it. Others do, for gws.

@Darkvader9911 ignore tache he is a troll who has been suspended for being a troll


Nice idea. Perhaps on by default, and an option in the settings to disable it for highly active Guilds.


Nice idea!
Guild chat should blink if you are on global and got new guild chat messages