Guild Announcement (on guild chat) AND Ranks titles

I have tried a search but can’t find anything about this issue.
When I change the announcement (using guild admin) the original announcement on guild chat remains and when I return to admin my new text has reverted to the old text.
We are supposed to be able to use up to 255 chars now. My new announcement has less than half that.

Edit : I have discovered that the Ranks titles also default back to the originals when changed.
So also broken :pensive:

iOS ipad

Is this going to be fixed ?

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Use something besides an ipad. Screen resolution is broken so the save and apply are off screen.

Salty said on the 4.5 preview stream few days ago that ipad resolution problem will be fixed in the new patch

The resolution problem (unable to leave admin without closing down the game) does not apply here. Both of the (broken) amendment areas have visible ok/apply buttons.

Both fixed in 4.5 !
Thank you devs :grin::grin:

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