Guild activity (Mo features Mo problems.🤷)

Any changes made in the guild admin section should show in the “guild activity log”.
Such as:

  • Changes in Requirements/suggestions
  • Announcement
  • Recruitment messages
  • Ranks
  • Shield
  • Backdrop
  • Goals

This will enable the GM the ability to demote anyone who is messing with this stuff without authorization. Currently there’s no way to tell for sure other than it’s the second highest rank that has the ability to change it.
Due to egos, people will want to be the highest rank they possibly can be. To avoid drama and member frustration. The best option is not to demote everyone to the third highest possible rank, but instead make the guild activity log actually show worthwhile activity.

Every time I read a member gets Tier in PvP. I think…“cool story brah”. :+1:


Hey, a few of these things are already in the game but it would be useful to show more data in the logs for sure - passed on the feedback :slight_smile:


Actually, I’m all in favor of awryan’s players changing stuff on him and not getting caught :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: