Guild Activity log overload

Platform, device version and operating system:
Steam, Windows 7 x64

Screenshot or image:

(Note that the list goes from 3 days back to 10 hours – it continues to loop for the entire list.)

What you were expecting to happen, and what actually happened:
I was trying to load as many Guild log Admin entries as possible, but the first few entries kept repeating.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
This was on the 5th April, so I think it’s a v4.3 issue. Easy to replicate.

Steps to make it happen again
Click on Guild, Guild, Guild Activity, filter to Activity Type: Admin. Then rapidly click the Get More Entires button lots of times. Once the game catches up to your clicks, scroll down. The first bunch of entries get repeated down the list.

Looks like the client requests the data and correctly tracks the number of entries, but doesn’t have time to actually fetch the data. Could be on the server end, too.

Frankly, I’d love an option to just Get All Entries of a specific type, maybe on the Filter pane. Also, when I’m trying to figure out when someone joined or left the Guild, a date would be a lot more useful than 5 days ago (was it 5 days from now, or 5 days 23 hours ago?).

Does this change if you access Guild > manage tasks and Seals then return to the menu - does it seem to load correctly?

I gotta be honest: your question is confusing.

Short answer: makes no difference to the bug.

Long answer: I’ve tried going into Guild Activity, back to the Guild-tab menu, back to the Guild menu, into Guild Admin – every combination I can think of. I can reproduce the bug every time.

Long criticism: Your question suggests I should click on Guild, then “manage tasks and Seals”. I had no idea there was any menu/screen called “manage tasks and Seals”. Turns out, it’s the subtitle of the Guild-tab menu, which is actually labelled “Guild”. I didn’t figure this out until I looked really closely at the Guild-panes screen.

Initially, I thought you meant “click on the Tasks or Seals tab in the Guild menu”. I think I would have understood better if you’d written, “Guild: Manage Tasks and Seals”. ‘>’ really does indicate a new menu, and players are unlikely to remember (or even read) a subtitle.

I realise it’s confusing to say, “Go to Guild | Guild” or “Go to Guild > Guild”, but for me that would be less confusing than what you wrote.

A Bigger Problem:
After all that, I still don’t think I understand your question – and I worry that you haven’t understood the location of the bug.

Here’s what I did:

  • Click on the Guild icon at the bottom of the map screen.
  • Click on the Guild pan (top-left).
  • Click the Guild Activity button.
  • Set and apply the filter at the bottom to Admin entries only.
  • Repeatedly and quickly click the Get More Entries button at the top-left.
  • Scroll down to see the bug.

When you say “then return to the menu” in your question, I honestly have no idea what “menu” you are referring to – I’m not in a “menu” when the bug occurs. Nor am I under the “Guild Admin: Manage the Guild” section.

I really thought I’d made that clear. I hope I have, now.

(I do apologise if some of that sounds a bit harsh.)

Quick update

While retesting, the game hung momentarily. 15 minutes later, having switched screens a few times but not having played a game, the game is stuck “loading” after I clicked the Troop menu. Chat lines are still appearing (top of the map screen), but I can’t do anything. After waiting 5 minutes, I’m going to force-close the game.

Thanks, I was able to reproduce this! I’ve made a note of it.

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