Guild abandoned, what to do

My guildmaster hasn’t logged in for 4 months. Our guild hasn’t any Sentinels so we can’t register for guild wars. As sole Commander, I’m now the highest rank in the guild other than the guildmaster who is AWOL, as other Commanders left for more active guilds.

Do support ever help in these situations? Would they demote the guildmaster, and promote a guild member? Or should I leave also?

Yeah they do help with such, send in a ticket asap. :slight_smile:


What Eika said. They can act on this if the guildmaster is AWOL for… considerably less time, like one month I think.

Yes. Plenty of precedents of guilds being taken over.

The support team can change guild leadership if the Guild Leader hasn’t logged in for 30 days.


Although the Guildmaster’s profile shows they haven’t played a battle for 115 days, and haven’t been contributing gold or seals, Support have said that they log in regularly. I presume to pick up daily tribute. Because the guildmaster logs in, no help available.

I guess it’s time to find a new guild.