Guides for Gems!


As promised, we’ll be offering Gem bounties for anyone who ports over or creates a new guide on here.
Simply post your guide in the ‘Community Guides’ section, make sure you mention your invite code somewhere in the post, and I’ll add 15 Gems to your account per guide!

While there aren’t any hard and fast rules to this, here’s some good pointers…
-Quality info is king here, so don’t submit any old thing trying to get Gems.
-I’d expect the minimum size is around 300 words of substance.
-Don’t port over stuff you didn’t create. It’s lame and you won’t get any Gems for it.

Have fun, and drop your questions below!

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How long is this going to be available?


At least a week, we’ll see how we go. Sooner is better :slight_smile:


Added a round of Gems of those who have provided their invite codes or I could find otherwise. I’ll be closing off the free Gem tap now now, but keep the guides coming :slight_smile:

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