(Guide Request) All Purchases and Currency Database

Wouldnt it be great if there was a database that shows you every single purchase you can make with any currency? I was very happy to see Ozball’s Economy Breakdown . This is in the same token, but has a different focus. Let me show you examples.

Example of what the guide should look like:

Everything that can be bought with Cash-
4.99 = VIP Pack (5000 gold, 500 souls, 2 VIP keys)
4.99 = Stack of Gems (55 gems)
4.99 = Guild Hero (200 Souls, +1 guild key for guildies)
9.99 = Bag of Gems (110 gems)
14.99 = Path of Glory (96k gold, 220 gems, 400 souls, 14 gem keys, 320 glory, 16 glory keys, 1 VIP key, 50 gold keys, 16 treasure maps, and 1 legendary~ spread out over 30 days)(*see asterisk)
19.99 Monthly Deal (200k gold, 200 gems, 10 gem keys, 700 glory, Ring of Wonder)
29.99 I Growth Pack

Everything that can be bought with Gems-
10 Gems = 1 Gem Chest Key
15 Gems = 1 Event Chest Key
25 gems = 700 souls
50 Gems = 1 change hero class one time
50 Gems = Gem Bounty (There are 7 different ones I think)

(All glory purchases)

(Leveling hero and troops, obv not listing them all)
*(Also a crafting resource)
If there is another use of souls I can’t think of, the guide would be a reminder

Any resource that serves more than one purpose should be listed. The idea is to make sure we are spending our stuff the best ways possible. Keys, trait stones, etc and other items that only have one use can be excluded. Having as much as 2 different uses (like souls) is enough reason to list them in my opinion.

(*And this here is reasons I think this table would come in handy…how often have you forgot that this package was available when evaluating what you want to buy?)

The objective of such a guide is to not forget anything. Daily and weekly offers can be excluded for the sake of updating, BUT if they have a repeated format, (such as 6 trait stones, w00 souls, 40 glory etc) it can be included with X being a variable.

If anyone wants to consider making this kind of database, you would be a hero among us. Now. I could do it myself if I had a laptop or pc. Doing this from an android phone that can barely switch windows without restarting Gems or force refreshing the browser… I’m just not up for the challenge. I’m also a newbie so threres that excuse. But seriously, I may consider doing it in a few weeks if I get more free time.