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Guardians of Terra, a Level 55 Topp 500 guild, is looking for active members

Dear players,

My guild, Guardians of Terra, is currently looking for active players to join our guild. We are a Level 55 guild, are ranked in the top 500 guilds on the game, and have +21 or more on all masteries. Recently, we decided to purge a couple of members who had quit the game or hadn’t been active for a number of weeks, and so we are looking for active members to join out ranks.

We don’t have many requirements at this point, but we do expect a min of 5,000 gold per week and want new members to be at least level 40. We complete quite a few tasks per week, and have a number of high level players, including myself. We all have lives outside of this game, so we don’t want to expect too much from players who join our guild.

If you have any questions let me know! Thanks!

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Do ypu guys have any more open spots? I have only had the game a week and a half and am level 41, have made about 250k gold in that time and could use some help learning the ins and outs. My invite code is audric if your looking for a friendly active helpful member

We do! I’ll send you an invite shortly.

Hey Audric, I see you have found another guild to join. I hope it works out well for you! I don’t check the message board too often during the weekend, so sorry for the late response. If you are ever looking for another guild, let me know!

I have a buddy that is looking for a guild to grow with. He only started the game a few days ago, but I have been tutoring him on how to play etc. If you’re interested I can post his invite code.

I’m interested if you’re still recruiting. Lvl 69, play everyday, contribute regularly. Current and previous guilds complete tasks but no one is spending the mastery coins.