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Guardians from guild chests

PS4 player. I have seen people talking about this but want to confirm it. I have 1 guardian who is mythical and 5 who are legandary. I have 5 ascension orbs. If I ascend the 5 remaining legandary guardians to mythical and I have 10+ copies of each, if I open more guild chests do I still have the 50% chance for a guardian? Or since all 6 are mythical with at least 10 extra copies will I no longer get guardians? I have seen people say both answers and would like to get an answer from someone who has attempted this. So I don’t waste my ascension orbs.

All they have to be is mythic and have 4 copies then you won’t get them anymore

You only need 4 of each at mythic and the guardian drops stop.

At least with the orbs now you don’t have the pain of enduring guardians that dropped more scarcely than others :blush:

I have 30+ of some guardians because sacrifice dropped unevenly!

Also, they will continue dropping in the same chest pack that gets you to the limit. If you are 1 guardian away from maxing all 6 (and thus ending the drops) and you open a 50 pack, the guardians will still drop at the regular rate for the whole pack of 50. You are much better off buying 1-offs until you get that last guardian as the limit will kick in immediately.

You said “should” stop. Have you made all your guardians mythical with the right amount of extras? Has anyone who posted here actually done it and seen it work? I get the if you need 1 more guardian and open 50 chests you might get the 1 and more for those remain 50 chests. But want to know someone has actually done it and not gotten more guardian cards when mythical and 4 extras.

I removed the “should” to give you more certainty.


Is this good enough proof to suggest what i said?

When i obtained 4 copies of Sacrifice the drop immediately stopped but Game’s advice above is also something you might want to note.

I have gotten them all to mythic and they stopped dropping

All mythic, 4 copies of each, drop stops. Guaranteed.