Growing teammate wanted. 500k+ gold. all events. weekly guides and efficient teams on 'budget'. balanced gameplay πŸ€


reqs: level 300+ :shamrock:. 500k+ Gold. 1,5k seals. we share the load to complete all guild events :four_leaf_clover:

we offer: fun. weekly and topical guides. efficient teams and tips for all progress levels. balanced gameplay.

contact me if interested.


:shamrock: most of us are 1000+ already. yet, we know what a freshly started player can do if they have their motivation to learn and grow paired with our support.

:four_leaf_clover: occasionally a World Event may be too unreasonable on the team options or the grind factor, so we may decide to ditch its last stage entirely, and spend more time doing other projects and events. We may also lower this event’s req for our growing players.

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Sounds interesting