Group Epic Battle

Hi all!

Just popping in to write this down before I forget it.

We all know many MMORPGs have large, epic scale bosses that tens, dozens, or even hundreds of players gang up on to take down in one giant unified effort.

Do you think it would be interesting or fun for us to have a group goal to gather as many skulls as possible in order to achieve one epic takedown?

Azimuthal Leviathan, maybe…for example…has 5 million hitpoints and we have to hit it for that much damage within a time frame to get a community bonus…maybe everyone could win…250 souls…but you have to complete a certain amount of mini-games (which will have to be programmed into the game as a feature) in order to qualify for the bonus if we get it.


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I think it would be possible for my whitehelm team to take down such a monster. Any looping teams would be able to do the event boss in one day though the boss has to have impervious o prevent instant kill from deathmark and maw. [quote=“aaron5951, post:1, topic:9845”]
in order to qualify for the bonus if we get it.

If you fight the boss it should be its own mini game and as such qualifying for it should be just playing the mini game and the boss should be the weekly troop but mega buffed. Then a board of how much damage you did to it (sorta like tier rewards) would yield you rewards at the end of the week for how much damage you did to it.