Grosh-Nak Team for PVP


I want to make grosh-nak bonus team for PVP.

I have below troops for this kingdom; You can add other kingdom troops to my Grosh Nak team at least 1.

  • Armored Boar
  • Cyclops
  • Dark Song
  • Drake Rider
  • Elf-Eater
  • Fel Dras
  • Orc
  • Summoner
  • Wywern


What platform are you on?

And good luck, Grosh-Nak is one of the rubbishest kingdoms…

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Waiting your reply.

So I came up with:

Armoured Boar
Drake Rider
Queen Ysabel

Edit: works best with Blackhawk +2Blue/+1Brown/-1Purple banner

All my stuff is mythic and full traits


  • actually works
  • puts big damage pressure on the first enemy
  • obvious synergy between Ysabel and Cyclops
  • doesn’t need yellows, and Drake Rider converts them


  • well working with Grosh-Nak troops, so it’s hardly competitive

I managed three three-trophy pvp wins in a row with it - then hit a couple of high end teams - EK/Valk, BD/Courage, and got utterly creamed.

Fun though, and good enough for explore / lower pvp.