[{Grimm Avengers}] RECRUITING players of all levels

GRIMM AVENGERS is looking for active players, all levels are welcome.

This is a great guild for beginners to learn and improve with opportunities to advance to higher ranked sister guilds. We have several high level players with lots of knowledge to share and a friendly atmosphere/active guild chat/discord server. This guild is also good for higher level players looking for some casual play as our reqs are low.

Requirements: 500 seals and 50 trophies weekly, and guild wars participation.

No other events are required, but we all pitch in. Meeting the minimums listed above keeps your spot, anything more than that is up to you. We want you to enjoy the game at your own pace!

We are associated with Dark Avengers and Dark Avengers vol.2 on XBOX. Both are high ranked guilds for those Avengers wanting more competition. Priority is given to players within our own guilds when spots become available.

Join our Family of Avengers! Let me know if you’d like any more information about our guild, I’m happy to answer!