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Green Gems generation advice

I’ve been playing GOW for a while. No pro, just level 447. I understand how banners work, (as much as we can I suppose because sometimes they seem to yield very different results. Which, I have learned to use a couple of them to my advantage.) HOWEVER, my question here is… any suggestions on a banner that “actually” seems to yield more, or at least, just a fair amount of GREEN gems???
Green gems are always seeming a shortage. (Or maybe I’ve fried my brain in the last week, which is entirely possible.). Thanks so much!!!

Banners improve how much mana you get from that color, not number of gems. For number of gems you are looking at storms. For green gems you want leafstorm.


Smh. I swear I knew this. I told you my brain is fried. I’ve played so much the past week! I do notice however that some seem to drop more of one color or another or is this just coincidence.

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Coincidence, or selective perception, or as Snooj said, there might have been storms around dropping other colours more.