Greed is Good

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New Raid Boss Troop: Envoy of Pride Envoy of Pride will be available in the Raid Boss Shop, and will appear in Glory, Gem, Guild, and VIP chests in 3-4 weeks’ time. New Epic Troop: Broker of Greed The Broker of Greed will be available this week for 400 Glory in the shop as well…

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Broker of Greed’s head ‘protuberances’… I’m saying nothing :zipper_mouth_face:

It’s pretty common in this game

Oh God, too late. I see it too :expressionless:


Rover 300 Previously was most egregious example of this …

I see you and raise you Skadi.

Oh my I never paid attention lol

I had obscure song lyrics prepared based on the title but I will replace that with, “Is that your face or are you really happy to see me?”

I’ve had my minimum daily laugh allowance.

Perhaps it would be better if the hair color wasn’t white.

“I hope that’s hair coming down my face.”

I infer what you guys are seeing and I can also see it as the opposite part with the claw outline. This art gets the “creative juices” flowing.

I think the one I notice most is Satyr Hunter’s spell “Eye of the Goat.” I don’t think I can look that goat in the eye.

I don’t see it on Skadi. Is it her torso?

Who’s going to be the one to tell him those black bumps on his horns didn’t in fact stay in Vegas with Lust.
Does the next Daemon named “Regret” come out in 9 months?


Apparently so, lots of people thought so around the time she was released. Personally I think it’s a bit of a stretch but hey ho

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The Godslayer looks fantastic!


Someone just showed me the art against a white background and the… effect is much less pronounced there. However, in at least 90% of game contexts, the art is against a dark background.

But the devs definitely wouldn’t ship content without viewing it in-game, right? It’d be obvious if there was a history of that.

Here’s that art btw, courtesy of Taran’s World.


Anyway, anyone think Broker of Greed will be worth using (Envoy of Pride seems to be whatever)? I can see him kinda working with Greed+Cedric, but it seems to be a lot of trouble for a random stat gain. Being rogue-type opens a few doors too, but the fact that the boosted skill is random is probably too big of a disadvantage to overcome.

It can, though I don’t think it should. You’d more or less have to use Greed to be able to keep up with using Broker of Greed frequently. From there, you’d need something worth casting Broker of Greed on (knowing the stat gain is random), a decent mana gaining source, and a decent front line troop. Its messy, and most likely will end up not using the hero.

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I’m thinking of going with this team for the event. For best results fight your battles at noon local time. If things get too tough I’ll just swap out my hero for Greed since he’s virtually impossible to kill.


Insanely good troop.

Subtle. 🤦