Greatest Arena team I've ever drafted

The synergy of this team is amazing. First we have Wall of Bones, which is a great tank. It gains armor, but more importantly, gives all my other allies 5 mana. Second we have Netherhound with deals a slight amount of damage but more importantly creates 8-12 purple gems, which fills Wall of Bones and Illithian Servitor. Next we have Illithian Servitor, which does an amazing 9 damage to all enemies, but more importantly, then steals 2 magic from all the survivors (which is usually all of them), causing its next cast to deal 17 damage. Last we have Giant Spider, which I can control to create even more purple gems, AND summon a backup tank if my Wall of Bones dies.

  • Tank that generates Armor? Check.
  • Gem creator? Check.
  • No troops are mana color blocked? Check.
  • AoE damage? Check.
  • Troop summoning? Check.
  • Looping potential? Check.


Very sad that I’ll probably never see that team again. It was fun while it lasted.


I was not convinced when you said you drafted the team. :wink: but then the last line - you said it right.

With the Illithian Servitor, the arena is pretty much won already. Two mana generators for it can only do that quicker.

Best arena troop, without peer, the highest accolades; to ; the Peasant. What a trooper. The best card in the game because every time it appears or joins a team, it reminds me how the game regards its player base.

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